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"When I think about my voice, I feel:                        ."

Think about the relationship you have with your voice. What words or phrases come to you?How do they make you feel?Put it into words. If it's easier for you, break it down into individual aspects: Do you experience emotional barriers, technical barriers, or a combination of both? How largely do they figure in your self-perception, and the way you use your voice?

Now, envision what you want that relationship to look like.

How do you want to feel when you use your voice, to sing, to play, or to speak?

What would that mean for you in your life? 

You can get there, one step at a time.

Give yourself the safe space to learn, grow, and reconnect with your voice.

The Small Magician is a trauma-aware, inclusive, accessible vocal education resource which enables participants to healthily challenge and build their vocal technique and knowledge from the comfort of their own home or chosen space.  


With guidance that draws on classic pedagogy, scientific research, Yogic philosophy and embodiment practices, the aim of the project is to empower participants to embrace their voice and their practice as part of a wider sense of well-being and an awareness of their mental/physical health. No two voices, bodies, or minds are the same, and in respect of this there is a large emphasis placed on participants' personal sovereignty, autonomy, and intuitive practice. 

The core resources of the project take the form of workbooks, and audio guides and filmed practice sessions (currently in production), exploring the foundational elements of vocal practise:  Breath-work, Texture, Diction, Intonation, Pattern, Embodiment, and Recovery. Further resources are in development!


Any questions or queries?

 Please contact me! 

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